My boyfriends a flirt?

My boyfriend is an unintentional flirt. So all his friends are girls (which I’m fine with) but I mean he messages them and has Snapchat streaks with them and FaceTimes them sometimes. Some of his co-workers thought he was flirting with them but then he brings up having a girlfriend. Every time he talks to them he mentions me so should I be worried


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  • You're fine with him having friends who are girls but you're not fine with him talking to them? You might want to think about that again.. If he's talking about you all the time he's not going to hurt you, you shouldn't be worried :)

  • I'm not sure i would be comfortable if my girlfriend was doing that often. However your boyfriend does mention you so it doesn't seem like he's cheating, maybe you could try getting to know them as well so you'll feel more secure.


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