STEP sibling relationship, his mum hates me?

So, before anyone starts bitching, we are STEP, not half. For those of you who don’t know what that means, we do not SHARE either parents. My mum and dad divorced when i was 4, my dad met his mum, and he is her child from another marriage. I rarely saw him growing up, he is quite a bit older, but perfectly legal etc and he is only 5 years older.

Now for the problem:
His mum seems to hate me, always felt like she disliked me (she is my step mum) and now she will chat shit about me to him, and my dad, and i have no idea why. She persuades my boyfriends older brother to tell him to break up with me, as she knows he will listen to him more/care about his opinion more as they are super close! When we text them in a family group chat when we first got together she replied with “we CANNOT, and WILL NOT , ever accept this” even though my dad is totally chill about it!

Thing is, she’s so awful to me, won't even make eye contact, we were meant to be having a family holiday to disney, I’ve been uninvited from it, (my younger biological brother and dad and are going also, plus my boyfriend and his older brother) because she dislikes me so much and apparently can’t bear seeing us near each other, she sends him texts saying he needs to do better than me and that im emotionally and financially draining, (i am nothing like that) (she is with dad)

Tbh its driving us apart, because its his mum and i would never ask him to put me first, but im worried about our future together as i feel like every life event will be ruined that should be happy by her getting incredibly mad! Like when i moved to the same area as him she absolutely lost her fucking shit!

Just don’t know what to do anymore, its so so difficult and she's driving my family against me, even things like a funny video of my boyfriend, and his friends, that i briefly appear in, she refused to watch when my younger brother tried to show her since i was in it. Also, we’ve been together a year, and are i am 18, he is 23 :)


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  • So I once kinda had a thing for an older step sister never went anywhere, but I understand how you feel since you Dad and biological brother seem cool with it why not just do stuff with them. And if you want a real big burn on her and decide to make you relationship ring related invite everyone but her.


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