Is this lady attracted to me?

I met a lady about a month or so ago, who is an actor/singer.

When we met we would talk about her life - her upbringing in Cyprus, her education - that she went to an international school etc - about homeless people, animals etc - just general stuff. I showed her a story I had written (our common interest) and she loved it and then leaned into my personal space to show me her story online on her phone. When I leaned back into hers, she didn't pull back. She was sitting adjacent to me (my right) and would swing her body round to face me with her legs up. Eventually we would be talking about something and she would randomly say "I am thir... did I tell you how old I am? I am 37."

When we met up again, I used the words "dying" and "dead" in one of my ghost stories I have written. She then fell into her chair, hysterically laughing and said "you are funny." Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't say or do anything funny. She then looked inquisitively back at me like she wanted me to reciprocate the banter. When I didn't she responded "ignore me, I am just tired" but was still smiling.

Then I mistakenly thought a hunting thong was a thong thong she said “you’re funny, sometimes.” We then spoke about her modelling, acting, music etc. When she was reading my story, she would then flip her hair from one side of her face over the top and down to the other side, so her face nearest me was exposed. During our chats, she was maintaining eye contact, for the most part - In fact, almost always - and in which she didn't look around the room at something else, and all the time she had a smiling face and seemed to always want to joke and laugh and get me to join in. We then got onto movies and she said I should go see Disaster Artist because I would enjoy it.

We met again yesterday for a quick breakfast, as she was needed to pack to go see family for Christmas, and yet we were talking for nearly 3 hours. We spoke about her family – she was concerned about her dad’s health and brother had depression – We then somehow got onto relationships. She mentioned she has been on 3 dates with a guy and was complaining about him that he was texting her relentlessly every day, calling her “babe”. “baby” and sending heart emoji’s.
The impression was she didn’t like it. She said to me “I don’t want to hurt him.” He is early 20’s by the sound of it and she was trying to justify the age, although it sounded like she was looking for a reason because she said “age is just a number” but was ashamed to tell me his age.


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  • Yeah man she totally likes you. Establish your statement and what you want out of the relationship before she takes you and your funniness in the friendZone, she's grown, grown woman know EXACTLY what they want. they don't play just let her know man.


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