After a successful date what is the longest you have waited to reach out?

The other night I had the best first date. So we matched on a dating app and happened to have mutual friends. On the app he would reach out and take around 24 hours before responding to me each time so it took around 3 days to set up a date even though he asked me on his initial message. He picked me up and we immediately clicked. We went to the bar to grab a drink and quite quickly he tells me at his age he is ready for something serious so he isn’t interested in casually dating. Then he starts hitting me with some tense questions. When was your last relationship? How long was it? How many relationships have you had and so on? He seemed pretty bothered that I the longest I have been single in the last year at any point is currently at 4 months. I explained when I leave a relationship it was dead before I don’t walk away until I know for sure there is no way it will work therefore I move on rather easily and I happen to meet people rather quickly. After my last relationship which was all crazy I needed a break to figure out what I truly am looking for and have only recently began dating again. We openly admitted how we both thought about canceling the date, but he kept saying he was so excited we didn’t. I play a lot of volleyball and he kept mentioning we need to play sometime. 3 1/2 hours later he takes me home. We talk another 30 min while being parked in the middle of the road. I get out and we end up making out in the road with cars going around us as we laugh because it feels like a movie. I invite him in and he politely turns me down and he reminds me he won’t be back from vacation for a week and a half. Says he is excited to see me when he gets back and that it is really hard for him to walk away from me. During the date he pulled his phone out once to set it down next to me while he went to the bathroom. So I didn’t hear from him yesterday. At what point do I assume he isn’t interested? Originally he said he would call me to set up the first date.
I would have texted the next day if I had an awesome time.
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He seems pretty non dependent on his phone so I would give it a few days.
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With him traveling I wouldn’t be worried until he got back from his trip.
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After a successful date what is the longest you have waited to reach out?
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