What do women look for in a guy these days?

Single only recently decided i want to actually find a serious relationship but im not sure what or how to go about meeting someone at 26.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Just someone who won't cheat and play games, and would actually make the effort to stay by my side and build a life together.

    • Thats what i want as well but i always find when i basically show qualities like that, they become less interested

    • Those are the girls u don't wanna deal with. They're not a long term relationship girlfriend material. Don't waste your time with them

  • Not being overbearing. So many people are entitled and have an "I'm right" and it's so unattractive. And self proclaimed nice guys, who give their unsolicited opinions. No go.

    I want a guy who can make me laugh, we can talk about anything, makes time to spend with me (but respects that I like to be alone sometimes), DOESN'T LET HIS INSECURITIES GET IN THE WAY OF HIS LIFE, everyone is insecure but guys who are always suspicious about my whereabouts... annoying. this one is a biggie. He likes to have fun. Like... if we are in a thrift store (which is we date, we would be in there) and I find like some old drag heels, I would hope he'd but them on in the sake of making me laugh and not freak all out about his masculinity or something like it's all laughs... like uprightness and that like lack of personality is gonna make me get over someone in a heartbeat. I want a riot.

    • Thats sounds like pretty much like something id like. I dont ever meet women that just wanna have a laugh mess about like that lol

    • Wow how many times did I say like in this... I think people appreciate it, but it's something you don't know about someone until you get to know them unfortunately. You'd just have to make it clear that that's what you bring to the table

What Guys Said 1

  • The more you try to find it the harder it will be.

    With that said, try going back to school, or join a gym. The activities you do will attract like minded women.

    • Thats pretty good advice tbf.

    • Just relax bro. I know how hard it is to feel lonely. I also got out of a relationship with someone I loved and found myself pretty much alone.
      But the thing is, women are every where and it’s easy to get another, just stop looking so hard and work on improving your life. Gym, school, work, and find a hobby on the side.

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