Question about women with high standards?

You may or may not have met women with high standards but it basically means, that these women have incredibly high standards, that only the top 20% of all men are able to achieve. The unrealistic high standards include but are not limited to:

rich, muscular, can beat up anybody, educated, above 6 feet tall and below 6.2 feet, has a good car, blue eyes, blonde hair, tan skin, bright teeth, has no beard at all, smart, takes her everywhere to dates and pays for everything, big tool, sexually and romantically experienced, good looking, loves animals and kids, repairs things in the house, high paid job like staff managers, religious, loves gardens, hates video games and hates beer, placeholder, ivjcjffj, xibidej, hdndj...

and when you ask these females "okay, suppose there is this prince in his shining armor riding on his white unicorn, what do YOU offer to the relationship?" they do not respond. It seems like they have nothing to offer in such a relationship other than their presence. It makes me want to hope, that they won't find a man to be in a relationship with until they reevaluate their own value and their expectations and the reality altogether. What would you say?
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  • Sounds like I don't have high standards then lol


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  • Meh, just ignore 'em and be chill. Find other chill women.


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  • I don’t care about blue eyes or blonde hair, and I don’t care about what he pays for. Religious I absolutely don’t want someone like it. Below 6.2 is absolutely not a requirement. Repairs things absolutely isn’t a must? Hates beer would also be a little meh because I want to drink it as well, as long as he takes care of the beer tummy. Also I don’t care care about xibidej or hdndj either. The unicorn thing would be great though.


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