Saggy boobs afraid?

I have been seeing this guy. We have been making out pretty intensely.
The problem is I kind of stop him each time he is starting to kiss my boobs and wanting to go in there.
I have big boobs (not too big but above average) and in a bra they look really nice.
But the thing is I have lost a lot of weight (100 pounds) in the last year and it had a devastating effect on my breasts.
They are now really saggy. And I can't do anything about it except if one day I have enough money I could have a surgery.
I am afraid to show him my boobs. I know most girls are complexed about their breasts for no reason but trust me, while they are still boobs and boobs are boobs, they are like two deflated balloons and they hang low.
I kind of already know the answer to my question but what do you think his reaction will be if I agree to let him touch/play and see them?
I really want him to play with them as it would be pleasurable for me and I know it won't be long until he asks me why I am kind of shy when it comes to my breasts.
Should I just tell him?
I am really afraid to get a big reaction on his part or that he will reject me or he won't be willing to even touch them!

P. s : it is more a friends with benefits type of relationship between him and I so please avoid telling me that if he loves me he won't mind that much. He doesn't love me and I don't love him.


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  • Don't forget, he will be close to you and the view is very different than your view from the mirror. Most times I will get a glance but most of the play time I can't really see them. Keep the lights dimmed also.

    • That reassures me a little
      But at the same time if I feel myself up, I can say he will be able to feel that they aren't pirky or very firm...

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    • That's what I was thinking about too!
      It's like you read my mind.
      Thank you your comments are very helpful!
      I think the way they look best and feel firmer is when I am just standing up but haha I don't know how we could end up in a standing position?

    • I remember watching the longest yard with Bert Renalds and in one scene, he and a secretary have their intimate moment after he said, have you ever done it standing?

      Glad I could help. That is about as close to playing with a pair of boobs as I've had in a long time but at least you brought my imagination back in line

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  • It's your body, girl. Shine it through with that sexy personality of yours which attracts him. If he's a douche, he will mind. If he's not a douche, he won't mind. Sometimes, they complain only if that particular thing is a turn-off for them. Guys should embrace the boobies, ayy lmao. Don't worry too much about his reaction, if it's a friends with benefits type relationship. If he asks you why you're shy about it, and if you trust him, just answer that you have insecurities about the way they look. If not, then just say I prefer to not say. If you're embarrassed about the way they look, just have foreplay in the dark. It's easier to enjoy the moment that way so you don't have the small things. Just go with the flow and do what makes you comfortable. If you trust your sexual partner on a reasonable level, buckle up and have fun. Sex is all about consent, desires, pleasure and enjoyment. You decide.


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  • Be comfortable with who you are. You made a be accomplishment of losing 100 lbs or more. To that i say congrats.
    Do you love the way you look now?
    If the answer is yes then let the cat out of the bag and let em roll.
    Sometimes its not about what you look like but rather how you make em feel. If you catch my drift.

  • At his age he's lucky to get boob, he'll be thankful to touch one that isn't his mums. lolol

    Don't sweat it. Unless you've got some hideous growth he won't run away.

    • Haha
      Well I am 24
      He is 28 and really experienced from the looks of it.
      It will also be the first time I show myself to anybody so yeah that too adds to the stress of the situation.

      Luckily I don't have a weird growth haha at least there's that :)

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    • Eating well*

    • Wow, I've never heard of boobs getting sagging from both diet and exercise. I thought it was mostly diet that did it and exercise helped to counteract it. Live and learn I guess.

  • Give him a boobjob and he won't care what they look like.

    • I thought of that!
      I think that's what I'll do!

    • Have fun 😊. And remember if he's playing like that with you then he has no issues with your body.

  • Well you're going to have to let him in there sooner or later so it might as well just be sooner. And than you can move on to continue fooling around and getting more pleasure.

  • Next, time your in that spot make fun of yourself as you let your body go. Your ready. And he is going to have a reaction. Just prepare your sex drive and your mind for the moment and live there for the moment.

  • just tell him, he most likely won't mind, i know i wouldn't

  • Some guys dont like it some are ok. with it... he won't. mind it i guesa


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