Hey guys I need ur ideas to talk to a person that I like who already proposed to me 2years ago when I rejected him?

I rejected him bcoz i wasn't ready to get married but now i am... and i want to know if he still have feelings for me or not !


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  • Too many variables. Can't talk it in open. Only pm what conversation


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  • Dunno. Ask him. Some guys won't give you a second chance to say yes and some will. Some might leave it for you to propose if you want it so badly.

  • To be honest, don't get involved with people that treat you differently in public and private. Friends, partners, whatever. It's bad news..

  • Eh... this doesn't sound right.

    • Why ! tell me ur thoughts please

    • Cause you told him no already. You can't just say no, and then go back and say, "okay now I need YOU to say yes" a long time after. It's unethical because you want the same thing from him that he couldn't get out of you. Simply put, you don't seem to treat him as an equal.

    • Oh god u make me feel horrible... thank u i didn't c it this way

  • Have you been in touch with him since then?

    • Yes and mostly he act like he doesn't care about me but when we r alone or no many people around he does care

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    • Ah, OK, I misunderstood. Get him alone, preferably doing an activity he enjoys so that he is relaxed and in a good mood and then open up to him when you sense the time is right.

    • That needs encourage from me... Thank you u really helped me

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