Urgent, advise needed?

I’ve been texting a girl that I really like. We started texting after I met her. a few weeks back I found out that she hasa new boyfriend When we met and started texting she didn’t have a boyfriend. We live far away from each other and thus texting was the only way of communication. My question is... when I see her next, what do I do? How do I present myself? Do I play it cool and act like I was never interested or show that there is still attraction.
And also what should I do about the texting.
Sorry for such a long question


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  • Play it cool. I don't approve of messing up someone else's relationships. That's just my opinion. Text her as friends. If that becomes too difficult, you probably shouldn't talk to her anymore.

    • The thing is she replies after 2-5 weeks so there’s no motion. Should I formally end it or just never reply (if she does ever reply)

    • I would stop texting her, unless you're bored. Lol.

    • I haven’t replied to her since. She has replied to two of my statuses.

What Guys Said 1

  • Mate just do what u want really if u like this girl still text her and when u see her just be yourself and don't act like a spack


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