Does he like me or not?

ok so this guy I’m interested in I don’t know if he likes me or not. So we were drinking the other night with a few other people and he was mostly talking to me and hanging out with me. But later on that night I started getting a little more tipsy lol and started kind of stumbling and when I did he was behind me and was helping me keep balance and I remember him saying “ I’m just trying to help” and then he paused and said that he liked me? I don’t know if he meant that in a friendly way or not? But I kind of just went silent and walked away lol I didn’t know what to say. But the next morning I see him he maybe asked me one thing and then kind of ignored me the whole day? So I don’t get it? I’m really confused.. and most of the time he stares at me a lot throughout the day also but I dont think that means anything.
Does he like me or not?
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