Do looks really matter?

I've been in discussions where the question was do looks really matter And if so why or why not, it got lots of different responses and was wondering what people on here thought, keep it honest
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  • People say “looks don’t matter” but how are you gonna be attracted to someone if you don’t find them even remotely attractive. There has to be something about their appearance that you like. Looks definitely are NOT everything, but it does matter a little


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  • Can't go to a job interview looking like shit. If you had an exact clone who actually took care of themselves, they would be the ones to get hired, for example.

    • Tbh I put it in the dating option for a reason, not planing on dating my employer

    • Thing is, it's the same princeable when dating. Both are human with similar standards. It's what society says is acceptable. And people follow that standard.

    • Replace "Hired" with "get a date" and that's still my answer.

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  • You don't see someone's personality at first sight. You see their face and body. While for some people looks mean little in whether or not they want to date or be with a person, how you look still plays a role in how attractive someone will find you.

  • It absolutely matters. People judge others on their looks, whether they mean to or not.


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