Should I give this guy a second chance?

Long story short, this guy has liked me ever since middle school (we’re in college now), and he has tried talking to me every year, but I didn’t really pay him attention because we hung out in different social groups; I hung out with the band nerds in high school, and he hung out with the black kids. (I’m also black, but I didn’t know how to phrase that last part). So, anyway, he tried talking to me again and I “brushed” him off once he started talking about sex, because I’ve been used in the past. To be fair, he had made a joke about sex and I think I took it the wrong way, and now I feel as if I should give him a second chance. Should I?


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  • Just talk to him. Don't be a sensitive baby because he made a joke you don't like. You think men can read minds and know that you've been" used". Fyi, just about everybody has been used at least once in their life, stop hanging up on it.


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