My ukraine girlfriend?

hi im engaged to u ukraine women now she is great dont get me wrong but one thing that bugs me is i live in Ireland she in ukraine and we talk all the time but sometimes when i say i call she dont anwser id then text still no anwser 20 minutes later she is online facebook , viber and not responding why do women do this if she dont want to talk to me just tell me like last nite she was away in ukraine visting family 14 hours on a train away i said to her message me when you arrive so i know you got there safelty no text even again she was online can someone give me advice?


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  • How did you meet her? A lot of ukrainian women look for foreign men for financial reasons rather than love..

    • i met her on holidays in a bar in crete last year and have met her a few times since going to ukraine in 5 days to see her and she is process of getting a visa to come to me for a holiday now a lot of the time she is grand but sometimes its like she dont care if she calls me and i dont answer coz im busy she will call 3-4 time send a few messages and then when i call back she is like what were u doing i think she is playing hard to get and not putting out all her emotions because i know she has been hurt badly in the past

    • Well good luck. Those soviet types can be ice cold

    • thanks john

  • And your getting engaged to her?

    • this happened after we got engaged i know she has a life other than me but if i text you can text back i dont get it

    • Are you moving to her country or vice versus?

    • ya she is going to move here as soon as we are married she is in process of getting a holiday visa now i have spoke to her 3 times today and everything seems good she is excited about me coming to see her on Wednesday

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