Girls, I am terrified of women?

I'm a guy and I was adopted and raised by a single woman who also had 2 daughters.

I was abused both physically and mentally since I was a small child by them, the daughters included all the way until I was 18 when I finally left.

There's just something about being beaten physically by a woman and girls for such a long time time has really humbled me and has destroyed my ego, to be honest it's emasculating and I won't go into detail of everything they did to me. During that time I was so helpless I couldn't even fight back, during school I was a loner and I was put into special ed because I guess everyone thought I was autistic and had serious problems.

Its left me obviously damaged to the point that now in my 20's I am downright terrified of women/girls. I'm scared of them because I've seen the wickedness and fury they are capable of.

When I see a woman walking down the street and we pass one another I look down and avoid eye contact, when at restaurants and I need to order I stutter and my heart races and I literally shake when the waitress is at the table that I never look at her and just name what I want while looking at the menu which probably makes her uncomfortable too but that's just how terrified I am of women.

I know it's not normal and I need help but I don't know how, women are beautiful and I see photos and see that but I can't even contemplate how I could talk to a woman or look one straight in the eyes without breaking down in fear.


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  • You need some help but above all you need some reassurance that actually most women are nice.

  • Can you go to counseling or therapy? I strongly strongly recommend that. It's better to get advice from professional


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