Did I screw it up with my crush?

I met this girl in my french class in August, we started to get along very well, we laughed and joked and that kind of stuff, I even thought she might like me. Well, yesterday me and my classmates were celebrating because we'd finished the semester, the last semester. She was also there but left sooner.
I can't remember why a conversation about her was brought up, and then I told a friend I like her, he took my cell phone and told me he'd write her a message, when he finally finished writing he askmed if I wanted him to send it, but it was me who ended up sending the message which said " I wish you a merry Christmas and I really enjoyed thist last part of 2017 with you, and that she was my gift from 2017, and that I'd like finishing the year watching her again, even asking her out and go eat to her favourite place. She read the message 20 minutes later and replied saying" I wish you a merry Christmas too and I'm sorry, I'm flattered but our personalities won't match and I like you so much, but not the romantic way (she didn't say that about the romantic way) but only that, that was her first reply. Then I replied apologising with her, if I made her feel uncomfortable and if she wanted, she could block me from whatsapp, and she said "don't worry, it doesn't make uncomfortable. I just want to make things clear, but I won't block you or stop talking to you because of that" Everything's fine, don't worry. And then I replied telling her that it's clear and I apologised again, and she no long replied. I'll see her until January 8 to check grades. Should I tell her something or leave it that way? I know she has no feelings for me and I should move on, but where do you think I really screw it up? What should I do?


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  • no you did not just tell her you are sorry


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