Got played by girl?

So I got played by this girl, which from the start I had a gut feeling about. I just decided to write it off as me being nervous/anxious. I would always think she might be with another guy. When we were on the phone sometimes, it would seem like she would kissing the other guy. To tell you the truth I do feel a certain way about it, but mostly upset with myself for not going with my gut feeling. The reason is I saw the signs, but disregarded them and didn’t believe in myself. The worst part is now I have to face this girl again and know she got the best of me, when I knew she wasn’t good for me. As I write this, I begin to think hey maybe she played herself out of what could have been a great thing. Even though I still have a little anger, I just feel like I hope she finds whatever’s she is looking for. Even though I still haven’t to see her around, and know she is probably laughing about whole situation. The same time I’m sitting here thinking hey I went into full well knowing what was going to happen, and taught me a lot of stuff. So I didn’t come out totally empty handed. The worst is my ego got stomped on, but hey could have been worse. I could have got what’s I wished for a relationship with her and would probably be miserable. So for being the hurt of her and her friends jokes, I dodged a bullet. At the same time while trying to stay positive, it’s hard not to look at the negatives and not get depressed, and that now people may not respect you. So just wondering how others deal with his situation?


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