Question for females?

What do you find attractive about males?


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  • What I personally really find attractive:

    Realness (he's being himself)
    Open (can talk about anything)
    Tolerant (not judgmental towards anything)
    Loyalty (doesn't f*** around with other girls at the same time)
    Not easily influenced (by his friends)
    Doesn't turn his back to you (being a jerk all sudden)
    Protective (keeps you safe, duh)

    Eyes (bright eye colors; preference blue).
    Nice face structure


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  • I honestly don't know. Most males piss me off.

    I like a male that is open minded and stands up for what he believes in. Who's not afraid to show his soft side but still has his shit together.

    • Hahah amen

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    • Thank you. Eh I don't exactly agree with that. Having goals is good but it's not always necessary. Some people are happy where they are, some people just go with the flow. Either way, to me goals is not always attractive.

    • Well if you dont have any goals then you are one empty or scared person I also like girls with goals that shows how intallegent and strong they are

  • Kindness, good with kids, has goals, is respectful, has a good relationship with his mum, has good friends, big broad shoulders and arms

    • I like how yoy mantiones has goals... thats something what most persons dont have... do you have any goals?

  • Personally
    Honesty, humor, brains, brains, brains (if i ever become a zombie i want to make sure i have what to eat) will get my horrible jokes
    Looking good, even that i really can't say something spastic about it, i mean its the combo that really makes it
    I think someone with some muscles but not a huge one that is just about all mousels
    I think that is the most of it

  • Everything

  • Pretty much everything unless they're assholes.


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