My boyfriend is all actions and no words?

He loves me he shows me when I am around him but when we r in long distance he has nothing to express to me on the other hand I overly express how glad I am to have him


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  • Actions speak louder than words. However I can see how this concerns you. Talk to him about it. Calmly. he's not doing anything wrong necessarily he may just not know how to.

    • I feel cz I praise him all the time he might think he is the only one making efforts for this relationship...:-(

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  • I’ll rather take actions than words


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  • You just need to talk to him and ask him to open up more because it makes you feel like he is bored of you even though the actions show that he isn't. But that you need feedback from him.

    • Well if he is bored of me dan what more I can expect out f him i have told him I need verbal affirmations but he said he has no clue how to do it

    • Then teach him.
      If he is what you are looking in a boyfriend, then dont let this go over conversation issues. Teach him if he doesn't know how to.
      Everyone doesn't get a perfect figure.
      Imagine that you have a boulder, which is a good boulder, perfect boulder, now you have to chisel away at it a bit, for it to be the shape that you desire.

    • Well I teach him cz I always go gaga over what an amazing man he is to me and I tell him to appreciate verbally if he wants to appreciate me nd DNT keep it insyd... I truly am blessed to have him... it just feels hurt when he doesn't acknowledges it verbally cz v r in long distance talks is all we have

  • It won’t change so you have a decision


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