He has a girlfriend?

I fell in love with this guy who has had his girlfriend for 4 years. I love him. He rarely mentions his girlfriend, but he claims he loves me. It all started like a fun relationship with sex. Now he says he loves me and really cares for me but he just can’t let go of her. I am totally hurt and do not know what to do. Please help.


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  • Unless all of you are comfortable with being open on the entire affair, you want to wait until he makes a decision. Most people get funny with the ones they love when they also have relations with other people. If you don't wait, you will feel guilty (you do now) and when she finds out it gets uglier. Ain't worth it.


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  • However hard it is, you must find a way to forget him and move on with your life, before it starts eating up inside you and tears you apart.

    • It is already tearing me up big time

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    • Bless You & Thank You. <3 xxx

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • He will never leave his wife, he just wants to keep on fucking you for the longest time he can

    • It’s his girlfriend and I don’t think sex with me is that amazing. Then why the hell would he say that he loves me and cares for me

    • To make you stay, so you don't feel used as a sextoy

    • At the beginning of the relationship i said it is only sex and after some months i repeated the phrase and he refused and was angry.. he said no and it is not just sex and that he truly has feelings for me and that he cares.. am sorry but i am so lost and can’t think properly

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  • He doesn’t love you... he’s using you. I’m very sorry, but please do yourself a favour and move on. Also he’s cheating on his girlfriend, and you don’t want a dishonest man as your s/o.


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