Is this being petty?

So alright I happen to use my girlfriend spotify sometimes because I just didn't want to get my own. So she like she wq s listening something and all I said was "ok". Then she proceeded to tell me she paying for it. I told her not to get me any gift and returned the $300 gift I got her


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  • You act like a kid if you ask me.

    On the other hand what's up with you guys giving people couple hundred dollars gifts 😂 y'all all rich af or what 😂

    • Lol no just make good money

    • Well, I think I also make kinda good money, it's better than anybody I know personally, but still wouldn't buy anything that expensive for anyone.

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  • Wait so she wanted to use something that she pays for so you punished her for it? That's not petty that's god dam ridiculous. You need to grow up. Honestly it doesn't sound like you're mature enough to be in a relationship.

  • Yeah.

  • I don't know sounded like she wanted to use it


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