Im 0 for 9 in 32 years... im trying to figure out what happened along the way? Misfortune, bad luck, destiny, wrong place, wrong time?

All the girls that i have ever wanted, needed, Liked and/or Loved along the way in my life, have always been taken. Now im left not necessarily bitter but with an enormous amount of grief. Oh yeah and it hurts a lot. :-(


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  • wait so in 32 years you only liked 9 girls or you only confessed to 9 girls because in high school alone I had like 23 girls I turned down and that was just in high school at that time.

    • Liked 9 girls worth pursuing regardless if they were hard to get or not. The problem with that, is that those elite few were always taken one way or another. Dont get me wrong i could go ask 23 random girls out... but i would'nt be serious about them even if they were easy or not... because you simply dont feel anything strong for them at all either way.

    • I said I turned down 23 I didn't ask anyone out in high school. They always came to me. You should still talk to girls even if they are with someone, because for all you know the liked you more but you never showed any interest so they didn't bother.

      I think you should start being in mini relationships so you get better at it. Why? because of the girls of your dreams can to you right now you would probably be mind blown and do nothing. So get better at expressing yourself and saying how you feel.

    • Hmmmm... i guess, fair enough, thank you, and Happy New Year.

  • All you are saying is that you are dreaming out of your league.

    Come down a few notches to the girls that might actually like YOU.

    • All the girls i fell for, i had no idea that they were taken to begin with. It is true what i felt for them on the outside, but rightfully so what i felt for them on the inside. Nevertheless, with that said, they showed some spark of interest... the problem has always been, that they were simply taken, plain and simple.

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    • ? I still dont get what you are trying to say man.

    • I am trying to say you don't have any idea what you are doing regarding dating. Your reaction, "Why do you say that?" supports my analysis.

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