Why do people hate gold diggers so much?

Not a gold digger myself since I come from an affluent family, but I'm just curious to why a lot of guys hate them. Going after a man for money is no different than going after a woman for sex. Sugar daddies are no more innocent than sugar babies/call girls/strippers are.
I notice that a lot of people tend to tell these gold diggers to "get a job", but sometimes regardless of how hard you work, you just can't afford the things you want. Very few jobs are able to provide a stable income that would enable someone to live a comfortable lifestyle. So they have to get it somehow. Especially if they lack the skills or support necessary in order to succeed.
In the end, it's a mutually beneficial relationship. You're getting this one specific girl you want and she's getting the money. So both parties are getting rewarded and no one is getting hurt.

If you don't want to get seriously involved with a gold digger, there's nothing wrong with that, but I think it's a double standard that guys are applauded for using girls for sex, while girls are humiliated when they use men for money.
Why do people hate gold diggers so much?
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