Why is it that when I go to his place sometimes it seems like he just wants to hang out and nothing more?

Okay, I'm going to post the same question, just different category. LOL.

I mean, I've been dating this guy (we're not BF/GF) for about 4 months and we have hooked up. Sometimes he invites me over to his place and all we do is watch tv, talk, sometimes we hold hands and sometimes we kiss. There are obviously some times where things get wild and you know... LOL.

Anyways, I would like to know: is this leading to something, let's say "serious" for us or what does he want from me? Why sometimes he doesn't try to do something else?


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  • Wow. Funny, I'm going through the same thing. A little different, but quite similar. I got you on this one =)

    Ok so listen up! If the guy was serious, he'd have said SOMETHING by now. Or at least done something 'boyfriend' like. So you might want want to test the waters on this dude. Do you know how he feels about you? Actions speak louder than labels -- so, would you say that he appears to be gaga over you?

    If you really like this guy, and you want to make it into something more, just straight up ask. If you are not down with being friends with benefits, let it be known. Who knows, he might be assuming that you guys are. You shoudlnt be strung along if you don't want to.

    I say switch it up. Offer to go out to the movies. See how it goes from there. If he's affectionate with you in public, he's not afraid for the world to know he's with you. If you guys have a great time, maybe you both deserve something more from one another.

    Good luck

  • the physical contact will not necessarily let you know what's up. sometimes when people really like someone they do nothing other times they do a lot . everyone has dif boundaries. maybe he wants to respect you. maybe he wants to not go too far I don't know you should ask him. Maybe he knows - maybe he doesn't.