How do I try to make something happen with this girl? I think she might like me but she isn't very talkative (long)?

I liked this girl in my college class and I tried to flirt with her early on. When I would try to talk to her she would seemed surprised and confused and would brush me off so I thought she didn't like me.

Later it seemed like she started to like me. She would be quiet but kept sitting next to me and came and hung around me and my friends one time when she saw us on campus. She stood there and didn't say anything until I talked to her than she giggled and said she had to go. Then she actually started talking to me before class instead of just brushing me off.

Near the end of the semester she asked to add me on facebook. She didn't make any other friends in the class, but she has a lot of friends from high school and I see guys trying to flirt with her on her pictures so thats a little intimidating.

After our finals I decided to invite her to some event. I messaged her on facebook, but before I got to invite her she talked about her winter break plans and I learned she was leaving town. I said oh thats too bad cause I wanted to invite you to this thing, and she apologized she couldnt make it. We talked for a bit and she was really nice.

So I dunno what to do now. Just wait until break is over and then try asking her out when she gets back?


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  • Yep, or discuss meeting up with her when she gets back before she is back and have some casual plans set up.

  • Sounds like a plan. Go for it my dude. Maybe not immediately after, but after like a day or 2. 😃👌


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