I thought she liked me 😔?

We went on a few dates.. She told me she isn't seeing anyone.. She said I'm a good person and kissed me on the cheek after a long day out together. She smiles and calls me ghost boy.. We're weird together and I've been to her house.. We even exchanged Christmas presents 2 days ago.

And today she told me she wanted to cuddle someone she likes named Michael. I said that she should do it! (Because I don't wamna be the jealous type and she should be free to pick anyone she wants ofc) And she said she was scared. I asked why... And she didn't respond ☹ But that was on Snapchat.. Through texting she told me another guy (she went to the movies with) texted her.. And I told her if she's interested to text back.. Then I sent another message saying I was gonna go to sleep and said goodnight (because Im hurt). She said he's an f-boy after and goodnight.

Why do girls gotta lead you on like that? Can't they realize they hurt guys so much? Especially for softies like me. 😔💔 I'm so down.

And I haven't dated anyone in real life my entire life 😩 so pathetic really.


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  • I think she only sees you as a close friend that she can talk to. You'd be surprised how many women do that. Sometimes its nice having that male friend that can give you a man's perspective on certain situations.


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  • Grow a pair and tell her that you want her. She might be testing you or hinting that she doesn't really like these guys and likes you but wants you to say it. Even if thats not the case then you can at least stop wasting your time and move on.

    • Seriously, you can go fuck off.

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    • That is exactly what I thought 🖒

    • @Linkio I'm trying to help you my man. Just tell her you like her but be smooth about it. Try not to be so emotional as well, you need show her you're strong, emotions can come later.

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  • Maybe she had it somewhere engraved in her mind that dating one guy means you can date others? I don't know I can never see through that mentalility. I'm extremely loyal so I have no clue.

    I hope you feel better soon. Don't incest your time in people that don't respect you enough.

    Never dating someone is okay. Especially since you're young. You'll find one eventually.

    • Thank you ☺ I'm just gonna let her know that I like her and if she doesn't like me, that's fine.

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    • I'm sorry to hear 😕

    • It's ok. Thanks a lot

  • You know what I never understand? It's people that are into you telling you to text back some other guy or girl while obviously that is something you DON'T want them to do.

    Then you'd be better off saying nothing, it's just so stupid. Tell her you like her instead. She's not leading you on, your e being weird yourself.

    If you tell her to text the fuckboy back than your e doing this to yourself and it makes her think you don't like her.


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