I thought she liked me 😔?

We went on a few dates.. She told me she isn't seeing anyone.. She said I'm a good person and kissed me on the cheek after a long day out together. She smiles and calls me ghost boy.. We're weird together and I've been to her house.. We even exchanged Christmas presents 2 days ago.

And today she told me she wanted to cuddle someone she likes named Michael. I said that she should do it! (Because I don't wamna be the jealous type and she should be free to pick anyone she wants ofc) And she said she was scared. I asked why... And she didn't respond ☹ But that was on Snapchat.. Through texting she told me another guy (she went to the movies with) texted her.. And I told her if she's interested to text back.. Then I sent another message saying I was gonna go to sleep and said goodnight (because Im hurt). She said he's an f-boy after and goodnight.

Why do girls gotta lead you on like that? Can't they realize they hurt guys so much? Especially for softies like me. 😔💔 I'm so down.

And I haven't dated anyone in real life my entire life 😩 so pathetic really.
I thought she liked me 😔?
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