Girls, is it okay if a guy feels awkward asking you out if many guys are?

It's obvious when it comes to dating or to be courted by the opposite sex, girls, and women in my opinion over 80% of the time are the ones who get approached. Even if a guy has confidence, works hard, takes care of himself, is decent looking and is an overall good guy but he knows like 10+ guys are after her which leads to him giving up hope, does a girl care?

Basically, the competition factor of a guy trying to compete with other guys can get annoying if that is a better way to put it? If the tables were turned, wouldn't a girl get annoyed if she liked a guy but 5 other girls were after him? I understand from a girl's point of view, being courted by many guys can be flattering but as a guy such as myself, is it wrong to just give up hope and not bother approaching her because the assumption is "she won't care"?


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  • Don't give up. A girl might have lots of guys going for her, but that doesn't mean she likes them. You could be the one. The one she is secretly hoping for.

    1- not all girls are chased after. Some don't have any at all
    2- get real with yourself. Do you want her just because a lot of other guys want her so you think she is popular and a hot commodity, or would you really want her for her?
    3- are you setting your expectations too high?
    4- give the lonely unpopular girl a chance. You never know. You could just stumble on the diamond in the rough.


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