What do I do now?

so me and my female coworker/friend went out. she brought two guys with her; on ewas her ex. she was already a bit tipsy so she kinda low key matchmake me and the other guy (not her ex). she threw herself at her ex boyfriend and i was like the other guy isn't ugly sure why not. so when we were at the station (because they wanted to take the last bus home) i took this guy apart and we talked an he was super nevrous so i asked him when the last time was he did something with a girl and he said oh been a while so i kissed hi and he was i total shocked wich i thought was cute so i cuddeld him and kissed him some more after. we exchanged number and texted a bit after and i alos texted my female friend and she said that i was his first kiss. now that i got home and thought about it for a while i came to realisation that i dont want anything with that guy but i dont know what to do now?
and how not to be a really crappy friend/bitch.
and no i wasn't drunk
+1 y
and i was feeling really ugly and rejected that day because my actual crush kinda ignored me so there that. lovely
What do I do now?
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