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I think I have a crush on this lovely young woman that I work with a few times a week. I always get happier in tone and feelings when she's around and I feel I can be pretty comfortable with her. However she has told me she does not like to go on dates, says love is dead, and I don't think she wants a relationship. I did not ask why not cause I care, but I just can't stand that fact. She's beautiful and I want to treat her with kindness and respect that she deserves and probably needs. I just do not know what to do. It does not help that I have never been in a relationship with anyone before. Any help is appreciated.


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  • I think this ship is best watched from the shoreline as it passes by. Hope that makes sense. You can still treat her with kindness and respect. It's best to keep feelings on hold in the workplace. No need to overcomplicate things. Just keep the conversations uplifting and professional, maybe she'll open up with time and trust.

    • It has been like this for a while so I should have seen it coming. Thanks.

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