Strange Behavior... Shy or disinterested?

I met a girl online. Went out for the first time couple of weeks ago. She was painfully nervous and awkward. It made me nervous. Date went ok. I left a few hours in because I had plans later. I offered to walk her to her car and she laughed awkwardly and said no thank you. We hugged each other and said bye and she looked in both directions confusing while laughing. It was a bit strange. I text her a few hours after and she said she had fun. I text her a few days later and she accepted another date. We went out Sunday. She kept turning off the wrong exit and was late. I ran back to my car to grab something and saw her getting out of her car. I waved and she looked but looked away quickly. Weird. I met up with her at the bar we went to. She was constantly fidgeting and playing with her hair. She was sweating, too. We walked around for a few hours later. She laughed at my jokes and we told stories. It went smooth. I walked her back to her car and opened her car door for her. We ended up making out for a bit. She told me to drive safely and she got in her car. I heard her giggling as she closed the door. Made me smirk. I text her a few hours later had a good time yada yada. She thanked me for a good night.

I reached out Tuesday to ask when she was going out of town for the holidays. Asked how her day was.. asked me.. told her I got an interview invite for a promotion. She was excited for me asked when it was. Jan 2nd.. so I guess that means I'm drinking beer instead of whiskey on NYE lol. Another way of saying I'm taking it easy on NYE because of my interview. She didn't respond. Which was weird. I didn't get around to asking her what her schedule was like for the holidays. Her behavior clearly shows nervous or has anxiety. I'm thinking about reaching out this weekend to see if she wants to go out again. I logged into the site we met on and noticed she keeps viewing my profile. Definitely strange. Does she seem nervous, games, anxiety, lack of interest?


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  • Hey, she could very well be extremely nervous. But to be honest your descriptions are just throwing red flags at me. In a horror esque way. Wishing you the best.

    • I was thinking lack of interest until I noficed she was viewing my profile. That tells me she's interested in some sort of way but something about ME doesn't smell right and she's trying to figure me out.

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  • Nervous.. she's confused what to do next... give her some. time

    • I was thinking she lost interest until I logged in and noticed she was viewing my profile. That really through me off. If she wasn't interested.. she wouldn't do thay. Almost as if she's trying to figure me out.

    • she's confused dude... i suggest u make a move before it gets nasty

    • Typical for me. Once I go into, "I'll be a gentleman and I'll respect your space" mode.. all of a sudden they're confused. I pursue.. but don't chase. I'll treat them like a lady on dates.. I'll make it obvious that I'm attracted to them.. but I'll let everything else happen naturally.

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