Why didn't he match with me on tinder again?

i matched with this guy on tinder. we were keeping in touch for a month and a half. we hung out twice. he offered me a room at his place because i needed a place to stay, he asked to be official and said he loved me. i thought it was way tooo fast and suspicious so i dissed him. we keep in touch on snap chat but after the second time hanging out when he would send me snap chats of what he does during the day or selfies of him, i ignored them, so he didn't send me anymore. we havnt talked for about a week and a half. i was just on tinder and he came up again lol. i pressed like just to see if he would like it back, but he didn't. im just curious to know why? ohh and i just think he wanted sex but i dont know..


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  • Well Maybe he only wanted sex but if hè realy liked u talked with u and went out with u then hè gets nog mesage for a week hè probebly though u didn't like him back


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe because you ignored him?


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