HELP! We act like we’re dating plus some circumstances that make it really hard to make a decision?

So we have been really close with each other, we’re very touchy and most people think we’re dating but he has a girlfriend. Their relationship is always about to end and his girlfriend hates me. We know so much about each other that we practically act like an old married couple, we’re constantly messing around and being sarcastic. I know he loves me but I don’t know if he means that platonically or if he’d date me. My problem is that both of us will hold hands or lay on each other like nothing but both of us refuse to admit anything. He’s also a bit sus, because at one point durning a fight between him and his girlfriend he just had to bring me up, he said it was to make a point but I don’t know. His relationship ship with his girlfriend is very toxic and i wish I could be a bitch and tell him I’m the better choice.

Please help I have no idea what to do


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  • You are basically already crossing your lines.
    You are officially a boyfriend stealer and its is one of the worst non criminal things to be.
    What you should do is not fool around with someone else's, boyfriend irrespective of how close you are.

    And I'm sorry for sounding like an ass, you are probably a great person but I can't even force myself to respect relationship wreckers and cheaters. But thank fully there is karma which does and will come around to bite the wrong doer in the ass and cost them something really precious to them.
    I'm sorry, nothing against you as an individual.
    Merry Christmas


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