First date in 2 years?

So I've been single almost 3 years and I had a date last night, for the first time in 2 years. It seemed to go well and we had a good laugh. But after I dropped her home, she was really weird with me, and wanted to wait until today to talk to me about it. Obviously I'm not an idiot and I know it's not going to go anywhere but how do I move on from this and find someone else, we met online by the way.


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  • So don't listen to that guy. That was super offensive. Online dating is really overwhelming and often pretty terrifying for women. There are also people like this lovely gentleman before me who will say horrible things to you if you take too long to reply to them or tell them no. It's just a fact that women get far too many hits on dating sites to keep up with them all right away.

    Basically, from both sides of the fence it is a numbers game. When you click with someone, you click. Don't take it personally if some girls don't want a second date or act weird or whatever. The same is happening to her. You just keep talking to people. Don't get too invested in one person too quickly. It's not healthy to go from stranger to boyfriend/girlfriend in one date, so just be patient and get to know people.

    Don't get discouraged. You'll get the best results if your expectations are low. As a bonus, finding someone special will be a really happy surprise that way!

    • This escalated quickly. But thank you, I don't believe there's a conspiracy against men 😂 I was just after some advice, I suppose it's been such a long time out of the dating game, that I've forgotten how to do it

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    • Haha thanks, and yes I definitely agree. It's a weird and wacky world out there. You on the single train as well then?

    • Wilkes... the game has changed.. women have more power. and if you don't plant both feet... you will be knocked over and bounced around by the tornado/natural disaster called women.
      know how they start, but spitting on the shit that is going to help you.

      But you know what... dont listen to "that guy"... but i'll tell you this... listen to her... then when you come back talking about how she dumped your ass... im gonna find you.. specifically to smack you upside the head. you don't listen to fucking women... read my Rantisodes and my Take "show me your man-card"... you NEVER fucking listen to women. You just hear em out.

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  • Online date huh... dude... i wouldn't take the shit serious... any man/woman with a brain knows damn well not to take anyone they met online serious easily. because there are more where you came from. I've met awesome people online though, im just saying that the vetting process is longer.

    She probably has like 15 other dates from online guys to go to who make her the center of fucking attention and she'll hold all of them (just like she did you) on the fucking hook... then after she has had her fun with all 15 (or 50) and stroked her stupid ego, then she's gonna toss all of you in the garbage and look for another 15 lol

    And you are gonna be there twiddling your balls. Single 3 years huh... i beat you by 2 years... but i went single by choice. Do what i did... when i tell these cunts I've been single for 5 years, they think i wasn't getting any, no.. no... I've been fucking around like a rabbit... BUT, i didn't want a Relationship, a DATING relationship.

    Seems like you were single cuz you didn't make a move... never go online.. go out.. dress good, talk to the first female you see that you think is attractive. just say "hello" and see how it goes. Fuck online.

    Oh and now... to give you a bit of interior Diesel aspirations... i have recently decided to get back in the dating game... you know how that cunt has 15 (or 50) guys that she wants attention from?

    Hehehe... lets say... im using HER technique... but im not doing the shit online. I go out, i look good, i talk to people and introduce myself.

    • Who hurt you?

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    • @NOMtatertots If you feel that because online dating worked for you before, it will again, thats up to you, and if you crash and burn, please let me know. but i don't see any harm in talking to the tall and handsome tell when you are done browsing at Home Depot. Just go out... look great... talk to someone. You say there is a harassment factor... same for guys... start friendly then.
      Im not a misogynistic asshole... im an asshole (lol) period.

  • @wilkesy95 you seem like a level headed dude so props to you. Online dating has changed the game and you can meet so many more people really fast. @NOMtatertots said everything that really had to be said so im just gonna say godspeed my man!


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