Should I come back with her after 3 years?

Well, I had a girlfriend at the very beginning of 2015 and we last 6 months, I broke with her because i felt everything was the same for the last 2 months...

The point I that even though I finished her, sometimes I miss her and a month ago I talk again with her and asked her to hang out, she accepted in a few minutes. When we met everything was ok, I tried to calm myself because I hadn't hang out only with her since we broke, the time passed and somehow we agreed going to the movies, I thought everything would be normal but no, she kissed me after 15 minutes even though she has a boyfriend (they're still together after 15 months approx) I couldn't say no but I'd like to. She went back home and me too, that night we were talking about some random stuff and suddenly she asked me not to tell anyone about the kisses, I agreed but then I asked her why she kissed me.

To summarize the story I told her what I still feel for her and surprisingly she told me that if there was an opportunity she would agree to be my girlfriend, obviously, some months after broking his boyfriend.

I don't know what to do, lastly I've been "cold" with her because of this, I really like her but I don't think that coming back with her is the best thing, also I can't stop talking to her because I enjoy doing that, what should I do?
P. d: I don't know in which category I should post this, sorry if I post it in the "wrong" one


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