Would you be willing to date a woman who was born a male?

Let say found her attractive, like her personality and her as a person. Would you be willing to date her?

Example of a trans woman:
Would you be willing to date  a woman who was born a male?Would you be willing to date a woman who was born a male?Would you be willing to date a woman who was born a male?
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  • I've dated trans folk before. They're just like anyone else, and attractive is attractive.


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  • So your question is, would you be willing to date a delusional man who thinks he's a woman but was born a man? The answer is no, because I do not date men.

  • Blaire White, as a conservative trans person that even pisses off the trans community due to her anti-liberal logic, is awesome and all. But I could never date a transexual. And it really pisses me off when they say it's trans-phobic to not be attracted to transexuals sexually.

  • No. They would either disclose it or they wouldn't. If they didn't, one day I would eventually find out they had a penis and I'd know they are a man. If they disclose that immediately then I would know that they were born a man, despite what they may look like.

    I have no problem being friends with one, but I cannot be with someone that is born a man.

  • Those in the LGTB community often have a misunderstanding of what love is.

    And the transexual you used as a example was a pornstar who went by a different name. So yes, this tranny is no different than many pornstars, they all have a misunderstanding of what love is.

    I'm sure people might want to have sex with this tranny if they didn't associate sex with love. But for most people, when they date someone, they are looking for love.

  • No and trans women aren't women. They dont have xx chromosomes.
    They can't reproduce.
    I dont understand how guys think of them as women, and those 22 guys who would date her, clearly have trouble getting real women or are lowkey gay

    • The incapacity to bear children doesn't mean someone isn't a woman. Would you say a cis-female (XX chromosome who identifies as female) who is infertile due to some congenital problem cannot be called a woman? If a cis-female lost her capacity to have children due to trauma or disease, can't she call herself a woman any more?
      I wouldn't date a transgender woman either but I don't agree with your apparent definition of what makes a woman.

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    • No , thats not what this is seb,
      Everything i said was true.
      Trans women aren't women. - fact
      They dont have xx chromosomes. - fact
      They can't reproduce. - fact

      And then you come in with " The incapacity to bear children doesn't mean someone isn't a woman"...
      Like i ever mentioned that.
      Everybody can see you are mad af and are nitpicking 😏😏😏.
      And now we are cherry picking, so clit starts as a template, but breasts dontπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
      Do you even logic? Has all the years of liberal cool aid made you so dumb that you can't think on your own?

      I just described to you how a mans chest is fundamentally different from a womans breast, but now you wanna do the same with the clit and you actually think you have a point?
      There are women eho have enlarged clits. If you have ever seen one, you brain (if you got one) would recognize it to look very similar to a small penis, or a baby penis.
      And this development os due to hormone issues. However, it is in fact, not a penis. It doesn't work like a penis

    • In the same way, the breast tissue, same as clit in women, under normal circumstances, doesn't develop. And even if there is some enlargement, male breasts can't have the property and function of female breasts.
      So , isn't the breast tissue a template too?

      I dont have any problems here man, i can keep this up all day everyday. I got you on the ropes.

      You are nit picking, cherry picking and started this for no other reason than you being triggered by me laying out the truth in my original comment.

      Either you are just another mad liberal, mad at the fact that your liberal education was just propaganda and not taken seriously by anyone with enough self awareness to think for themselves.

      Or you are just mad at the fact that tr*nnies are men
      And you like them.
      The way you took this so personally makes me lean towards the latter.
      So tell me seb, do you enjoy busting those mancheeks or do you prefer yours getting busted?

  • Knowing she's a genetic male would put me off. I do support the rights for transgender people to be legally recognised as the gender they identify with and I support them wanting to be who they want to be but I wouldn't have a non-platonic relationship knowing they're a genetic male.

  • Nah, Im all for people being whoever they want to be, but I find the idea of dating a trans person very... weird

  • No because I don't consider them to be women, they're men who just had plastic surgery and hormone treatment to look like one.

  • There's no such thing as a woman who was born male. They're just maoes who look like women through surgery. I don't like dick so the answer is obviously no.

  • i most likely wouldn't, but I have nothing against people who do so. Personally I just don't see it as something I'd do

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