Is he considered my boyfriend? Or a guy friend who likes me?

We are in a somewhat LDR, both live in different states and been talking every 2 to 3 days. We've both admitted we like each other. But he told me he is talking to another girl (few months ago). I haven't asked about this other girl since or if we are actually dating. Our topics have been quite personal, and we ask how each others day have been.

Recently we had a convo about sex and other personal stuff. He said 'feeling a mixture of I'm behind, longing for a girlfriend, and regret' um I thought I was his girlfriend? We both flirt and he calls me sweet names like 'beautiful, baby, sweetie, babe'

Negative signs are he sometimes doesn't reply for a few days, and when I message him after this period he says 'haha hey' and seems to say 'um' a lot when asking questions. E. g 'Hey um this is a personal question but I have to ask...'

I am meeting him in a few weeks, and staying for a month. Should I wait to ask in person if he's serious about dating and being my boyfriend, or message him beforehand and risk making the meet awkward?
Yes he's you boyfriend
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No he's just a guy friend that likes you
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He's playing with you, you need to message him to ask
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In the flirting/ dating online stage of relationship
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Wait to meet in person, ask and find out
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Idk/ Too hard to tell (comment to explain reason)
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Is he considered my boyfriend? Or a guy friend who likes me?
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