Girls, Do white women date any race except for black or mixed?

I’m curious because of how they react to me in public and on dating sites with me having mixed heritage dating different races quite naturally has never been a issue with me but I have noticed girls of this particular race seem to have a problem with it
Thanks again


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  • I prefer very fair pale skin. I don't even like white guys with a tan. But I'm also a sapiosexual, so I don't really care about looks at all when actually seeking a mate. I mean, as long as he's neat and clean, I don't really care about his physical attributes.

    We all have preferences that could be described if asked, but I can't find an individual physically attractive until after I find him intellectually attractive. I date personalities, not faces or wallets.

  • I have no problem. If the guy is nice it doesn't matter what colour his skin is.

    • Yeah I notice how they act around me and I’m not even doing anything

  • I'm white (fair skin, blonde) and I tend to be attracted to dark features. But the important thing is the connection and common understanding - this has been an issue for me with some guys of different races because they have different ideas about how they treat a woman to how I was raised.

    • Well I have had girls reject me on race

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    • Just sucks makes me think I’ll never get a girlfriend

    • Yes sucks to be rejected on something you can't do anything about. But we are all unique and what some people reject you for, others will find it very attractive. Just be happy with who you are - there will be someone amazing who thinks you're amazing too.
      I think mixed race is really attractive by the way - usually physically have the best features of both and very open minded and accepting of others.

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