After not seeing him for a week, would it freak you out if a girl said she missed you?

Dating for nearly 4 months. We usually see each other 2-3 times a week. But due to Christmas and family things, I won't see him for a week. We both it's intense and that the feelings run pretty deep.

But he isn't a hugely touchy, emotional sorta guy, and it is still earlyish days.

So would it be too much to jump in his car Wednesday when he picks me up, and kiss him before he can say anything? Can I tell him I've missed him as I kiss him or just keep that to myself?


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  • That’s not weird. It means you’re thinking of him and you miss his company. Are you just dating or in a relationship with him? If yes your boyfriend then that’s perfectly normal. If you’re just dating, keep it casual, don’t get super emotional about it.

    • We've agreed boyfriend/girlfriend exclusivity

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