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I had a panic attack in front of this girl I really like when I was trying to get her number. well I ended up getting it but when I text her she texted back I think you have the wrong number but I already knew it was right because of snapchat. I mean I know that she might just not like me that way but I really feel like if I didn't have that panic attack this might be different. By the way I forgot to mention that I blurted out nevermind and walked away back to my friends at first because of the panic attack but before we left the restaurant I just said fuck it asked her if she wanted to hangout. Should I try and talk to her again or just let it go? I really don't want to look desperate or crazy or be annoying but I just feel like I should try one last time because of how much she means to me.


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  • Sometimes we love another so much that we leave them alone, if that's what they want.


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