I think he likes me but I asked him out and he told me he wanted to be friends for now... anyone know what exactly is going on?

I have this crush that I really think likes me he always tries to touch my hands or my back and he’s always staring at me and making jokes about us being together. We always make eye contact and it feels like there is something there
So I asked him out and he told me he wants to be friends as of now but he likes me as a friend and all that but I don’t understand he’s gotten jealous of me talking to other guys and he does all the signs that make him seem interested also ever since the time I confessed we talk more and we act more closer I guess but I still feel that he likes me and that he’s too scared to admit
Does anyone have any advice as to what this means.


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  • He probably has another crush and wants to see if they can date

    • I can guarantee you he doesn’t like anyone else I know someone really close to him

    • Ok well then he was maybe surprised by it and that was all he could think of

  • Try and suck his dick it always works

    • No thank you, I’m not that kind of person.

    • at least try kiss him

    • I would but honestly I wouldn’t fall that low to kiss him. The only time I’d kiss him is if he’d tried kissing me or if we were in a relationship I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him over a kiss

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