#JoinIfBored List your STANDARDS for your dream girl/guy. How many of your current/ex/potentials met them?

#JoinIfBored List your STANDARDS for your dream girl/guy. How many of your current/ex/potentials met them?For me, Dream Guy:
1. I like all races but imagine Black/Half Black
2. Prefer green or gray eyes
3. Pretty smile REQUIRED
4. Strongly prefer Same Age
5. Major: Business/Construction/Education
6. Strongly Prefer 5โ€™8-6โ€™2 Height
7. Wants marriage/kids before age 25 REQUIRED
8. Strongly prefer living in same city/state
9. Hoped for a virgin ๐Ÿ™ˆ BUT NOT REQUIRED
10. Goofy/Smart/Respectful/Romantic/Caring
11. Great Kisser
12. Willing to wait til marriage/engagement 4 sex
13. Chrisitian preferred BUT NOT REQUIRED
14. Gorgeous Eyebrows
15. Doesn't smoke REQUIRED
16. 7 incher Alternative: At least Avg ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚
18. Strongly prefer diff name from my ex

Here's a few guys (but not all):
Guy #1 My ex met 11 of 18 (1/3/4/6-8/10/11/13/14/16). Not meeting 12/15/17 was the dealbreaker for me.
Guy #2 This potential boyfriend met 10 of 18 (1/3/4/6-8/10/13-15). Not meeting 12 is why we didn't work. Plus he failed #18 lol.
Guy #3 This potential boyfriend met 5 of 18. (3/5/10/14/15 and 16โ€™s alternative). Not meeting 7/8 and in a way, 4 and 17 as well, drove us apart.
Guy #4 This current meets 13 of 18 (1/3/6/7/9-17). We almost didn't work due to him failing 4 and lol 18. But he's prob as close as iโ€™ll get to my dream guy ๐Ÿ˜
Guy #5 this living dream attended my college. He was actually black with green eyes ๐Ÿ™Œ Gorgeous smile, perfect height, presumably the same age. Same major and city! BUT WE TOTALLY NEVER EVER TALKED EXCEPT THE ONE TIME I THANKED HIM FOR HOLDING THE DOOR FOR ME ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚
#TheDreamInterviews #MeetMyStandards #iDreamOfDreamy
Thanks everyone for participating, and #MyBad hereโ€˜s a tylenol for anyone with a headache
OMG this is so hard choosing MHO! Lots of you made really good lists. If i could give them to multiple of you, i must say these GAGers for sure make it hard to choose from:
@adfsdf1996 @kapakani @jdavid25 @cosanostrakosa @openwine @scottsummers @maxemeister @estoydorado1 @ashley1996 WHO DO I CHOOSE ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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  • 1. At least some sense of humor
    2. Has to have somewhat of an ass lol. Like it has to exist.
    3. Same with breasts, preferably
    4. Face is pretty good looking
    5. She's nice but also teasing
    6. Independent in multiple facets of life
    7. Not overtly dominant or submissive, willing to switch roles

    That's about it. Some of those seem harsh but in reality those aren't that bad expectations

    • 2 and 3 ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ

    • it's not too much to ask right lol?

    • Its really not lol but its hard to find a girl with both. Like i mainly have boobs instead of butt so I've been turned down for not havin enough booty. Its enough to exist but thats about it lol

Most Helpful Girls

  • Dream guy and required:
    1) Funny
    2) helpful
    3) loving
    4) wait for sex (require)
    5) strong (require)
    6) adventurous (require)
    7) there for me (require)
    8) loyal (require)
    9) willing to talk through issues (require )
    10) about the same age. Give or take 2 years ( require)
    11) fight for me ( required)
    12) playful

    There was ONE guy who I would have married, no doubt.
    He met all of them except # 11. He'd fight any man but wouldn't fight his parents to be with me. His parents won.

    • Omg i love all of these on your list!! And yea my current will argue his parents down for anything but when it comes to my defense he gets quiet. It pisses me off

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    • I feel so. They argue about it. I believe in my heart, but that wasn't enough for them.

  • 1. Has to be kind/compassionate
    2. Has to have a sense of humor
    3. Has to be faithful
    4. Has or is pursuing more than a High school diploma or equivalent.
    5. Christian (preferred)
    6. Has to be less than 6ft. tall (I doubt it but I may be willing to let this one slide at some point)
    7. Tan/Brown/Black skin tone (preferred)
    8. Active and healthy-ish lifestyle. (I don't want a couch potato)
    9. Social


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  • 1. no drugs (alcohol maybe, if were older I don't care much since older people are born to die)
    2. humour/ sense of humour
    3. don't try to make me jealous/insecure or whatever feels shitty
    4. doesn't run away from conversations/doesn't find an excuse for things
    5. doesn't project her bad mood to people around her
    6. threats the people around her well
    7. allrounder (likes staying at home playing games as much as doing sports/going outside)
    8. likes and knows how to dance/natural groove
    9. looks appealing/gets me boner easy
    10. no fucked up view of reality
    11. no diseases
    12. no medical illness (I don't wanna have to worry all the time
    13. doesn't smoke (always had to pack chewing gum with me, smokers are disgusting eww)
    14. can live with the fact that I'm a literall shit poster in my free time
    15. can be honest and upfront to me
    16. believes in monogamous shit and does it
    17. is ok with the fact that some of my jokes/language is racist even tho I don't give a damn bout colour ethnicity and shit

    well I didn't want to type that much since I hate long text. there u go

    • I love this list. I wouldve possibly failed #3 and 4 lol and maybe 17 haha but yea nice

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    • Lol its public school. Yes plenty of us were smart but a lot were also rebellious teens. And this stuff happened like 7th grade through 12 grade. So like age 14-18

    • ohm ok then I can understand it. young boys that don't know what's the real deal.

  • My future girlfriend must have most of these.

    Pretty face, Height doesnโ€™t matter, body shape doesnโ€™t matter as long as she isnโ€™t too out of shape, eye color doesnโ€™t matter, same exact age or younger, preferably a virgin, similar religion, similar politics, decent person, compassionate, has similar sexual fantasies and kinks, has to have physical attraction to be based on looks, has to actually love me, preferably has similar fashion and interests as I do.

  • I need a girl.. not just prefer but need lol...
    someone driver, intellectual but not overbearing... fun, hip, active... loyal and speaks the truth, at least to me... loyal and honest is very very important if she doesn't have that I have a huge problem...

    And I don't just mean honest like most people mean it --> I mean you fucking tell me everything no matter what... even if its going to be really bad

    I won't mention the physical stuff though lol...

    • Wow u want her that honest huh lol, i just can't be honest to the point of hurtin someone

    • Yea otherwise i can't trust her
      And i need to know everything because i believe that it should be said even if its hirts

      Now i don't mean little things that can be ignored that are light hearted or have no impact on anything significant
      But within context and mainly something significant yes it matters a lot

      I mean you get told lies and are decited, manipulated everyday by people. Peoppe don't nearly tell you the true story often times. I don't want that from the her too lol

      Ya im really bad with that haha. So its always hard to find someone who can measure up. but at least they can always trust me though lol

      Think harvey spector loyalty and honesty. Like that

  • This is hard I want her to be beautiful, but I want her to be intelligent, loving, caring, kind. I love women of all ethnicities, White, Black, Asian it doesn't matter because I think all of them can be beautiful. I would like her to have a good sense of humor and if she's having a problem she can tell me and not make me guess it. If there's any other questions you'd like to ask please ask and tell me what you think (:

  • Good lord I can't type that long but for my standard!!!

    She be black or white (international or local)
    And must love God and have good personality
    Ass nd tits ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    And that's all

  • I have talked to some women on here recently and they all possess some traits which I want to have in my girl. Most of the standards are like those you have mentioned, but I don't want a girl taller than me.

  • I think i enjoyed reading this list more than actually having my own list jotted down ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Damn should I have that many requirements?

    I guess she could be funny, trustworthy, independent. It would be nice if she challenged me to be better instead of just being a doormat.

    • Lmao about the doormat but lol thats not a lot of requirements. That list is short compared to my usual haha

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    • Ahhhh holy shit lol

    • Lol iโ€™ll see if i can find my old post on here later haha

  • 7. Wants marriage/kids before age 25 REQUIRED :(

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  • Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, professional, kind, romantic, great kisser. My current boyfriend meets all but the blue eyes requirement.

  • My dream guy is:
    1. Passionate about his major/job enough that his eyes light up when he talks about it
    2. Has good music taste
    3. Any race, nice arms and body
    4. Likes me a lot

  • Um alive, that's good right

  • 1. A boy
    2. Nice
    3. I dont really know anymore


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