In a serious relationship but miss being single?

I’m in a serious relationship. We have been on and off for half the relationship (feels like) right now things are going well. But after 10 years of it. It makes me scared to commit because of our past. Also, I miss the freedom of being single and not worrying about having to check in w someone or simply socializing w other guys. I’m very respectful and loyal to my boyfriend but I do miss being single at times. I miss the butterfly feeling of meeting someone new and the way they’d make you feel. I hear my friends tell me their dating stories and guys they talk to and it makes me think about when I was single with no worries.


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  • "I hear my friends tell me their dating stories "

    I bet your friends with they had men of their own like you do.
    Also, you have in a cross roads, and have to decide on a road, but whatever you take, there is not going back from.

    Good luck.


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