I went on his Facebook and he wouldn't talk to me but now he goes through days where he talks and days where he's super short and weird? Help?

So I'm 19 and he's 26. We have been talking/dating for about a year and a half. One day while he left his apartment I went his computer to check my work schedule on Fb. His Fb was still logged on and a message popped up and brought me over to his other msgs. Being bored/curious I started clicking through to see who he was talking to but I knew it was wrong so I quickly Xed out. Later that day he asked me if I went on his computer and I said yes but just to check my work schedule on Fb but since his account was logged in I just Xed out. The next day he asked again what I did on his computer and I said that I went on Fb but since his account was logged in I just Xed out again, he asked if I didn't do anything else and I said I didn't. He started acting really weird/short and I asked what was wrong and he said he doesn't feel like I'm being honest about the computer thing. So he asked me again and I told him a message popped up and brought me to his msgs and he asked which ones I read but I honestly couldn't remember so he got mad that I wouldn't tell him who I looked at.
He wouldn't talk to me for days and then he said he didn't want to talk to me when I asked if we could talk. Almost a week later I surprised him at his lunch break with his favorite foods. He was so happy and kept texting me about how nice it was. Then he just stopped responding and said nothing the next day. I asked to call and we talked for like an hour and he just said he was upset I lied to him twice and that it felt like I didn't trust him. He texted me later that night and asked me if I was okay and we texted a little bit more.
A couple days later I surprised him with a Christmas present just since I knew I wouldn't see him until after Christmas. He was texting me freaking out about how amazing the present was and he seemed so happy, we were texting like we used to. We txted the whole next couple days again like we used to but today he's being really short sending one word responses. What is happening? Help


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  • what it sounds like to me
    is that you betrayed his trust, by going into his messages, did anything pop up that gave you reason for concern?

    i mean if my girl were to go snooping around, if she lied about it, i'd be somewhat pissed for about a day, maybe a week, but i wouldn't keep a grudge.

    at the same time, i never had anything to hide, and i always allowed my girl to use my phone and do whatever.
    if she wanted to check my messengers, she could, but there was never anything there so she did once and never really bothered with it.


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