He is not calling me anymore...

First I would like to ask your understanding of my English I'm not really good in it .

I'm Filipina , I had dated an American guy for 7 months he is working here in my country. We were not officially on , but he had shown me that he cares for me. We had lots of escapades and we were happy together. He treated me so special through his actions but never say a word that he loves me .We kissed but never had sexual involvement. I don't know what went wrong he stopped communicating me. I messaged him that I was worried about him but he didn't respond. I used another number, and he messaged me back asking who I am. I told him it was me and how he forgot about me , he just said because I used another number. He didn't even ask if how was everything with me and explain why he didn't call me for almost 3 weeks. Now its more than a month not hearing anything from him. It bothers me a lot because he so special for me. We never had a fight,the last time we talked we were very happy throwing jokes to each other. Suddenly he changed and I don't know what wrong I did. I messaged him asking what happened but he didn't respond to my email. Does he found another girl? Pls help...


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  • It's best to say that he lose interest in you. Start searching for another guy.


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