What it means when a guy im on a date with stops talking and looks so deep in my eyes and won't look away?

some oppinions on why guys do this?


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  • He probably got lost in your eyes for a bit. A lot of guys find the eyes one of the most attractive parts of a girl (I admit that I am like that).

    • so does it mean he likes me? but if u like a girl, aren’t u afraid to look her in the eyes?

    • He definitely likes you.

      That's the thing, when you really like a girl it sometimes can be hard to look her in the eyes because the eyes are so powerful. But, at the same time, if you think she isn't fully paying attention then guys will sneak a look into her eyes.

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  • guys see that in movies nd shit so they do it real life weather he does that naturally or he thinks it will get him laid

  • He wants to see your reaction and he ll know if you re into him or nah. I always do that.

  • He loves you


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