Have you ever fallen for someone that you didn’t initially find physically attractive? If so, what made that happen?


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  • Yes. I thought I had a specific type. I preferred someone a year or two older, skinny and shared the same ideas.
    It was my sophomore year (i'm a junior now). I fell head over heels over a freshman. He was a nerd, a little chubby, not really that attractive except to me. I would always talk about him to the other cheerleaders. I was obsessed. He was my close friend and I did anything I could to try to make him fall in love with me. I looked up scientific studies on how to trick him into crushing on me, like wear red or talk to him in dim light. I did everything on the list and nothing work. I did asked him out and was rejected. I was sad, he's the type of guy who crushes 24/7. He fell in love with all of his friends at one point except me.
    I have no idea what caused it. It was my first and only love so far. It had to be his personality. Right now he's dating my friend and I've given up months ago, Hopefully he stays dating her. I don't want to fall for him all over again.

    • What was it about his personality that made you so in love with him romantically despite having no physical attraction towards him?

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    • Oh my bad. I guess I’m still not understanding what made you like him in the first place?

    • I don't know either.

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