Why is he showing all the signs that he likes me but says we're friends and won't make a move?

He says good morning to me everyday and he contacts me first, he lets me know that he's going to be away from his phone, he cares about what I think and how I feel, and he asks me how's my day and he does things I ask. He also stopped talking to other females and he talks to me and he tells me about his life and he talks about the people in his life, he also says goodnight to me every night. Does it seem like he wants to be more than friends?


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  • Um, yes. It’s quite obvious :) Good luck

    • He says we're friends tho

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    • Well, maybe he wants to be sure that you like him before confessing it himself? I know many guys refuse to confess to their crushes because then they look like fools after getting rejected 😆

    • Ok I guess I'll be patient lol

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