I love my best friend.

I met her as a blind date to my senior year homecoming through one of our mutual friends. She was seriously, the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in my life. She was nice, funny, and just a great person all around. After it was over, my group was hanging at my friends house, and one of my friends said she could see how much I liked her. I tried to start a relationship with her, but it didn't happen, and she said she thought we should just be friends, so I left it as that, but some of my friends keep saying she'll come around, but I'm not so sure.

Then, in January, my mom tells me I gotta find a prom date by the end of the month (keep in mind that it wasn't til freakin April). So, I scrolled through my phone, and found her, and asked her. She told me she had to ask her parents. A month let, I get a text saying she can go, and that's where things really started off. I was texting her everyday, making her laugh, laughing at her, and just loving it.

Then, about 2 weeks before prom, her and her mom came over to my house to talk bout arrangements and things like that. When I saw her this time, I was stunned for a couple of seconds and had to hide it and keep my voice even. She had gotten even more beautiful in my eyes.

While I was at college for my first year, she would text me all the time, and ask me for help on what to do about her guy problems. I, of course, helped her in any way she needed, no matter how much it hurt to think she was thinking about some other guy. She eventually broke up with him after realizing he was a total asshole, but now she's dating some other guy. My friends ask me all the time, "How can you stand to watch her kiss and be all over some guy when you care about her so much?", and I always tell them, "It' because I care so much, that I'd do anything for her to make her happy."

I've tried talking to her about how I feel, and she says that she feels that I'm more like a brother to her.

Idk what to do. It drives me mad sometimes, and I really need help. Check out the poll. Thanks.

P.S: She's also said that lately I've been annoying her because I act like a jerk some times. I don't do it intentionally. Could it be that my jealousy is starting to get the better of me?

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  • You're pathetic for caring so much about her, and should just stop trying
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  • Your not pathetic, but you shouldn't keep going after her
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  • Have you talk her "one-on-one" maybe she too blind to see that you there right and that you like her...but if you contuneud to bothore her without telling her anything she will be confused and annoyed...so tellher many tell your friend to set a date and talk to her...=)

    • Oh trust me, she knows. One of my friends, has a big mouth, and told her, and she said she only wanted to be friends. But because I wasn't sure if my friend really talked to her, I did myself, and she said the same thing

What Guys Said 1

  • read the "lets just be friends" story in my profile