She doesn’t post his (boyfriend’s) pictures on social media?

A girl I've been seeing for a while (nothing official) and have had lots of sex with has been acting strange and distant lately. She’s flaked on me twice in a row (which she had never done before).

she's been posting things on her IG Story (that disappears) in 24HRS that she misses “her dude when it comes to needing help around the house”. she's also posted snaps of gifts (that I didn't give her) in which she writes “theres nobody like him” with emojis. The other night she also posted videos of her drinking at her house in which two cups were visible but the sounds on these videos was muted.

There are no pics of this mystery anywhere on her social media. Is it possible that she has a boyfriend and Im just a side dude? I find it strange that there is no pics of the man she “”loves” when she's a social media addict who constantly posting pictures/videos.

Why wouldn’t she have pics of her SO and could he be the reason for her distancing herself from me?


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  • She's obviously a hoe

  • End that right away. Or at least keep her on the side


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