I met perfect girl at party yesterday and want to ask her out. But how?

Yesterday i met a girl at party that i realy liked. We talked and laughed with few other people and today i drove her back to home. I would like to ask her out, but dont know how. Should i talk to her on facebook or straight invite her out and how? I am very shy and didn't had girlfriend yet :/


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  • I'm in the similar situation right now. I met a girl that I'm not really familiar with and try to hang out with her (only casually, I have a girlfriend).

    I advice you the same thing I'm doing - write her on Facebook, figure something out, don't say just "hi, how are you" out of thin air, either write her when something happens that you can write about or make some situation in which you'd need her opinion or answer, I don't know, but just talk to her. Don't force it though, if she doesn't give u anything to talk longer (i. e. she responses with just an emoji), leave it and try again tomorrow or the day after. Don't force, but u kinda want to get into some decent conversation in a week or two, not in a half a year 😂

    I think you can ask her out just like that, after you literally exchange a couple of sentences. But propose something casual, a cinema maybe, just to go out with her, but not to get a date-pressure on that first meeting.

    • So i write her hi and ask her how she is. Then ask her if she has any plans? Then i tell her i had great time in her company and ask her if she would like to go out for a drink?

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    • Nah man, don't bring her anything, why would you, that would make it look formal af, you don't want that.

      Should you go for a hug? I don't know, it depends how the meeting will go. Just go with the flow.

    • Thank you very much ❤️

  • either option seems good.
    wish you luck👍


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