Girls, how do I get more girls to respond (and consider meeting up) on dating sites?

I've never asked for anything sexual, and my profile actually says I don't want to hook up. I always look at what she wrote and say "Hi [name]!" and either comment or ask a question about something she wrote. My profile has my job title and stuff about me including what I like to do for fun. I don't show any sign of desperation.

A ton of girls (including a few from dating sites) have said I have beautiful eyes. Yet I still get responses on like 1/50 of all messages I send.

Am I unattractive? Am I doing something wrong? Do girls have unrealistic expectations and think they'll find a magical prince charming who surpasses who human men can possibly be? Or is there something I can do to get more responses?
Forgot to mention, not only do I have a super low response rate but it's even rarer that I get to meet the girl
If the truth is that I'm probably unattractive, please tell me that. If the truth is that girls tend to be very picky human beings, please tell me that


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  • Basically write about something your passionate about. My boyfriend did about guitar. Have pictures with friends. I found I replied more to the guys with detail in their bios as it gave more to talk about

    • I have a lot of detail and stuff I'm passionate about in bios. Do most girls respond to very few of the messages they get even if there are good bios?

    • Well depends how they start the conversation?

    • What would you say is the best way for a guy to start a conversation?

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